4% cashback when buying an apartment


The Namuna Development company returns 4% to customers when buying an apartment in the NUR residential block!


Each buyer becomes a participant in the promotion with 100% payment for apartments in the NUR residential block.


All participants will receive back a part of the invested funds, namely 4% of cashback points from the entire cost of the apartment. They can buy household appliances and electronics for your future home. All products are provided by the TEXNOMART chain of stores.


This promotion is a unique opportunity to become the owner of an elite apartment in the CENTER of the city. By the way, the distinctive features of the residential block NUR are:


- winning location

- ample parking and equipped courtyard

- developed external and internal infrastructure, which provides residents with comfortable living at a new high level.


Detailed information can be obtained from the sales office at the address: Mirzo-Ulugbek district, Lashkarbegi street, building 1.