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Namuna Development

Since 2017, Namuna Development has been striving not only to build buildings, but also to create an area equipped with a developed infrastructure.

Our distinguishing features are the use of innovative technologies in the design of residential complexes and the formation of a culture of a new way of life. Our goal is projects that are relevant in all years, where everyone will feel comfortable and safe.

Currently, when the real estate market is experiencing a renaissance, Namuna Development offers urban residents a comfortable residential area, as well as high-quality and durable housing.

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Why our residential block is chosen?

Safe and durable

All buildings of the residential block NUR were built using the German Motus technology from the VOLLERT company. Advantages of reinforced concrete panels:
- thermal insulation properties
- fire resistance
- hygiene
- soundproofing
- withstands earthquakes with a magnitude of 9.0 on the Richter scale and 11 in intensity


Residential block NUR is located in the center of Tashkent. Within a radius of 2 km:
- 11 kindergartens
- 10 schools
- 6 lyceums and colleges
- 3 universities
- Alay market
- Central Park and Ecopark
- 5 main highways of the city

Premium service

The territory of the NUR residential block is fully equipped for productive pastime of residents:
- 4 safe playgrounds
- pet park
- lounge area with gazebos, alleys and fountains
- roller drome for sports fans
- mini cinema
- library
- gym
- office area
- cyber zone

Residential block NUR is a place where everyone wants to live!

months from the date of opening of the sales office
people visited our sales office
families chose the RB NUR