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Residential complex NUR

Since 2017, Namuna Development has been striving not only to construct buildings, but also to create an area equipped with developed infrastructure.


IP intercom, mini and supermarkets Sport Club Video surveillance, parking Workout area, high-speed elevator


The buildings were built using German Motus technology. The house can withstand earthquakes of magnitude 9.0 on the Richter scale


11 kindergartens, 10 schools, 6 lyceums and colleges, 3 universities, 3 metro stations, Alai market, Central Park and Ecopark.


Type of house: monolith, heating in the residential complex is central, area of ​​the complex is 38,000 m2, number of storeys - 16, number of buildings - 16, walls - gas block.


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German technology

Advantages of Motus panels:
• Thermal insulation properties

• Fire resistance

• Hygienic, Sound insulation

• Withstands earthquakes of magnitude 9.0 on the Richter scale

Camphor location

Located within a 2 km radius:

• 11 kindergartens and 10 schools

• 6 lyceums and colleges

• 3 universities

• Alai market, Central Park and Ecopark.

• 5 main highways


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The NUR residential complex consists of 3 main parts: blocks A, B, C. 30 buildings with a height of 9 and 16 floors are created to ensure the comfort of every family.

We have 12 types of installment plans with a schedule of up to 24 months. You can choose the optimal installment plan for your tasks together with a consultant at +99878777 0077

The price per square meter is calculated depending on the number of floors, the location of the house in a residential area, the method of payment, taking into account individual discounts; only sales specialists can calculate the cost. You can get a full consultation through the contact center: +99878777 0077

Apartments are provided in 2 options: 1) With ready-made turnkey repairs; 2) With a rough finish, to create an individual design for yourself.

The sales office is open daily from 9:00 to 22:00, you will find it in M-Ulugbek district, Lashkarbegi street, building 1.

The square footage of apartments in the NUR residential complex starts from 35 sq.m. and reaches 270 sq.m.