Housing requires careful consideration and avoidance of possible problems at the earliest stage of choosing a property. For example, if you do not have your own home and do not want to pay landlords, you should look for an apartment with a ready-made renovation that you can move into immediately. It is also worth paying attention to the number of owners so that you do not face long-term approvals and risks in the future.

What you need to know about an apartment before buying

Before purchasing, it is better to know the history of its ownership to be sure that the information is completely the same as what the seller says. The type and condition of utilities in the home is also an important factor, as older homes may have difficulties with hot water or water pumping equipment. Knowing the average market price in a particular neighborhood helps prevent overpaying.

When choosing, you should look at features such as new construction or secondary housing. New construction homes usually have more ergonomic layouts and newer utilities, but they may experience shrinkage for five years and are often delivered unfinished. Whereas older, may have a nice “makeover” but require significant repairs to utilities. It is also worth considering that new buildings are often accompanied by construction in the neighborhood, which can affect the lives of residents.

As a result, for a successful transaction it is necessary to take into account such factors as the history of ownership of the property, information from the registry, the number of owners, the state of utilities, the average market price, as well as the type of building. Taking into account all these factors, you can protect yourself from possible problems and make the right choice.

What features you need to pay attention to

The cost of real estate is, according to experts, one of the major woes faced by the population in recent years. Due to various programs and rising prices for raw materials and construction materials, the real estate market is overheating. As a rule, new buildings are more expensive, and after commissioning there is often a need for additional repair costs. New neighborhoods sometimes have problems with access to public transportation, resulting in traffic jams and parking difficulties.

When selecting a house, study the type and series of the house. You can find information about some typical variants on the Internet, where their pros and cons are noted. Look at the presence of elevators, the size of the entrance group, the fact that there is a lobby, video surveillance and parking. You should also consider the type of stove – gas or electric, as they differ in operational features and costs of use.

When it comes to the area of housing, new buildings usually have a more rational use of space. Modern compact appliances and storage systems help to solve the problem of lack of space. However, the selection of the size of the space should also be based on the cost of utility bills.

In new buildings there are often studios and Europlans, which involve combining the living room and kitchen. It is also characteristic of the combination of the bathroom, which makes it possible to conveniently place household appliances and bathroom fixtures. If you are considering a purchase on the secondary market, you should check it with the technical plan to make sure that there was no illegal redevelopment.

In addition to the housing itself, you should consider the repairs that will be required to bring it in line with the preferences of the buyer. Everyone arranges their housing according to their own taste, but this also requires additional financial costs.

But not everyone can afford to renovate a whole apartment at once. Still, it is impossible to make repairs cheap. Therefore, when you hear in your address: “You will still make repairs!” – be critical. You can live with faded wallpaper. However, with a non-working battery, rusted pipelines – it is already more difficult.

New buildings have begun to make the lower residential floors high, as the first floor is most often used for commercial purposes, and this reduces the risk of burglars. There are several important factors to consider before choosing a floor, such as the presence of neighbors, the ability to elevator heavy things without an elevator, and accessibility in the event of an elevator breakdown.

During the inspection, assess the location of load-bearing walls, orientation of windows, noise from neighbors, mold and the condition of the heating system, as well as the functionality of outlets and lighting. If the purchase is on the secondary market, it is worth finding out how the property has been maintained and whether there are permanent residents living there. Communication with neighbors can also help to get useful information about the residential complex.

An important point is the timing of the contract with the owners. If it is necessary to book an apartment before finalizing the purchase agreement, a receipt for the transfer and receipt of funds must necessarily be prepared. Developers in the sale of new buildings in most cases offer standard contracts, and it is difficult to achieve any changes in them. It is very important to specify all the details of the parties to the transaction, describe the object of sale, the cost and the procedure for mutual settlements, as well as the conditions of transfer of ownership to the new owner.

Be sure to find out if there are any encumbrances, such as liens with the bank or bailiffs. The presence of encumbrances is not an obstacle to the transaction, but the consent of the party who has become the source of the encumbrance is required.

It is also worth taking into account the amount of payment for housing and communal services, which is indicated in the payments. It is important to find out what utilities are provided and what services are included in the price.


For the purchase of real estate on the secondary market or the realization of a share, it is important to notarize the procedure. In such a case, it acts as a guarantor of the purity of transactions. If a purchase is made in a new building, it is important to pre-check the credibility of the builder and the reliability of the construction. The support of a professional realtor can be useful in the choice. If you are buying an apartment for subsequent rent, you should calculate the planned costs and income. If you have a stable income, taking out a mortgage loan will make sense.

During the decision, you should be careful and be alert to tricks from sellers and realtors, for example, withholding commissions and misleading information about the property. It is advisable to use the services of a trusted realtor when selecting a property and completing the paperwork. It is necessary not to hurry with the answer and well examine the apartment, in order to find the best option that meets your needs and means. Finding the right apartment is a good investment in your future.