100 interior ideas for a studio apartment in Tashkent

One-room apartments in Tashkent are becoming more in demand among young and single people who are looking for cozy accommodation with minimalistic design. In this article we will consider several design options to furnish the room, make it functional, stylish and comfortable.

Layout: An open layout, namely the living room, bedroom and kitchen as one room, visually increases the space and allows you to maximize the use of floor space. You can put screens, sliding glass partitions or furniture to delimit the zones.

Functionality: In a studio, every square meter has value, so the choice of furniture is important. A sofa bed, a table with a folding mechanism can be used as a sleeping or working place during the day.

Optimality: Walls are a canvas that is used for a flight of fancy. You can install shelves to hold books, decorative items or dishes, hangers or hooks to store towels in the bathroom.

Lighting: Natural light is important for the feeling of spaciousness and light interior in a studio apartment. Install large windows or French balconies to let more sunlight in, and light-colored finishes will enhance the effect.

Organization: It is important to define the details: dividing screens or shelves for different zones in the apartment. It is worth paying attention to compact and functional appliances that will help to save space.

Design can be diverse with the right approach. An open layout, multifunctional furniture, optimum light, and thoughtful organization of space can help create a cozy, inviting environment in the apartments.

  1. Light shades visually expand the space: this wallpaper is white, beige and gray colors.
  2. With the help of full-length mirrors you can illusion of increase.
  3. Additional space appears as a result of the use of folding items for the interior.
  4. Clothes, dishes or appliances can be stored in drawers or on shelves that save up to 20% of floor space.
  5. Cabinets to the ceiling hold more than regular cabinets. Using vertical space can help optimize storage.
  6. Place a console cabinet behind a sofa or bed to keep everything you need at your fingertips.
  7. Open shelves for storing books, decorative objects or collections will add their own zest to the interior.
  8. Kitchen optimization – drawers and cabinets for kitchen utensils.
  9. Take advantage of new technologies such as phone control of lighting and heating to improve comfort.
  10. Divide the space with translucent glass partitions or curtains.
  11. Multi-level lighting is different light sources for depth and atmospheric lighting.
  12. Zoning – different zones for bedroom, living room and workplace with furniture or partitions.
  13. Choose folding tables for lunch or work.
  14. Sliding doors are economical to open and close.
  15. Hanging shelves are suitable for storing books, decorative items or dishes.
  16. Paintings and posters – wall art will add character to an interior space.
  17. Open shelving serves as a showcase for decorative collections.
  18. Pouffes can be used as additional seats.
  19. Sun protection – install blinds or thickening curtains to create coziness and reduce exposure to sunlight.
  20. Harmonious colors – choose a color scheme consisting of several harmoniously matching shades.
  21. The texture of the surfaces will add a cozy feel to the home.
  22. Indoor plants such as aloe, chlorophytum and ficus add freshness to the room.
  23. Wall graphics or murals to create interesting accents.
  24. Using glass countertops for visual lightness to the room.
  25. Built-in cabinets serve not only as an aesthetic element, but also as a practical solution for keeping things organized.
  26. Bookshelves to the ceiling – a roomy and stylish solution.
  27. A clean and calm environment creates a minimalist style.
  28. Dining area – place a compact dining table and a few chairs to create a cozy eating area.
  29. Accents – bright colors or unusual wallpaper on one side to catch the focus of attention.
  30. Use wall recesses to store items or create decorative displays.
  31. Place a large floor mirror in a room to visually expand the room.
  32. Using convertible sofas will allow you to create extra sleeping space for your guests.
  33. Accent pillows, brightly colored or textured sofa bolsters will give the room a lively feel.
  34. Optimize the bathroom – choose a compact sink, toilet and shower.
  35. Window screensavers will beautify the interior.
  36. Install lighting on the floor to create a luminous space effect.
  37. Place hanging plants to add a green accent and balance the interior.
  38. Monochromatic curtains in a tone slightly lighter or darker than the walls will give a solid volume effect.
  39. Choose furniture with two functional surfaces, such as a table with a lower shelf or stand.
  40. Consoles with drawers to store folding tables and chairs.
  41. Green walls-use vertical gardens or panels.
  42. Install closet systems with shelves and hangers to make efficient use of space for storing clothes and shoes.
  43. Compact dining groups are a compact table for two and chairs or a small breakfast bar.
  44. Floor lighting to create a floating wall effect.
  45. Choose table lamps to add comfortable lighting for reading or working.
  46. Choose a round table to create a soft and safe space.
  47. Smart Household Systems – Install state-of-the-art heat, water and electricity management systems to save energy and money.
  48. Wooden trim is one of the classic styling options.
  49. Folding chairs can only be taken out when needed. The rest of the time they are folded down.
  50. Wall captions with positive quotes or motivational words to create an inspiring environment.
  51. Using floor shelves to store and display your favorite books and decorative items.
  52. Rock-climbing technique – install a mounting system for books, decorative items or plants to create a stylish and functional interior.
  53. Create your own gallery with photos or artwork to give the room your uniqueness.
  54. Built-in office spaces – a built-in workspace with shelves for document storage and a comfortable chair.
  55. Sliding side tables serve as both storage and a full dining area.
  56. With sliding partitions, you can reconfigure the room to suit your needs.
  57. Screens on windows or doors to add privacy and control light.
  58. Folding or expandable tables can easily adjust to the number of guests.
  59. Amplifying windows in different corners of the room will increase natural light and visually expand the space.
  60. Miniature garden with potted plants and a fountain to add tranquility and harmony.
  61. Art objects: art, sculptures or photographs to create accents and interest.
  62. Candles on tables and shelves will give “life” to the room.
  63. Illuminate niches to create dramatic lighting and accents.
  64. Fully open cabinets – Refuse doors on cabinets and display a collection of dishes or things.
  65. Create a compact bar area with pull-out countertops or cabinets to store glasses and cups.
  66. Sloped floor play areas with soft rugs or poufs.
  67. Built-in spotlights on the ceiling or walls to create the effect of a glowing space.
  68. Mosaics – using panels or tiles can add brightness and texture to a bathroom or kitchen.
  69. Choose pendant lights to illuminate a dining room or workspace.
  70. Large mirrored or glass front doors for more light penetration and an impression of spaciousness.
  71. Декоративная бумага – добавьте текстурные или паттернные обои для создания эффекта фокуса.
  72. Hanging shelves for storing books, magazines, or decorative items.
  73. Smart storage systems such as baskets, garbage cans or organizers so that order is always at your fingertips.
  74. Suspended Beds – Choose suspended beds to free up the floor and create storage or additional area.
  75. The folding walls will allow you to open or close the area depending on your needs.
  76. Closets with open shelves for storing and displaying their clothing and shoes.
  77. Interesting shades – choose curtains with unusual textures or fine fabrics to add a highlight to the interior.
  78. Using decorative screens can add style and privacy to a room.
  79. A TV on a special bracket can help save space.
  80. Instead of a large table for 12 people, choose a small tea table that can be used for both meals and work.
  81. Rhythmic wallpaper will not let the eye “wash out”: prints, graphics or volume.
  82. Washing machine, built into the wall of the bathroom, can occupy a little space of the dressing room on the reverse side.
  83. False wall – create a visual barrier with an archway.
  84. The window sill can be used as a countertop, extending the kitchen area.
  85. A small shelf with books can serve as a partition.
  86. It is not recommended to use a classic hanging chandelier to illuminate a small room, as it visually narrows even a very small space.
  87. In the dressing room, to accommodate all the clothes and accessories, it is enough to make built-in cabinets on both sides, and on the third hang a mirror.
  88. When finishing the bathroom, you can use natural motifs, ceramic tiles of two types and dark furniture with medium-sized drawings.
  89. For rational use of the available space, you can replace the bathtub with a shower cabin.
  90. The use of edging will help to add design accent and style.
  91. Vertical landscaping: installing a vertical garden or placing plants on the walls will help add nature to the interior and create a fresh atmosphere.
  92. Choosing an interesting plaster or paint with texture will help add visual interest and style to the interior.
  93. Scandinavian style is the best solution for small apartments.
  94. Sliding doors can help separate the bedroom from the living room.
  95. The high wall of the bed can itself be a partition.
  96. If the ceiling allows, the bed can be built in as a second sleeping place, equipping a seating area or shelving under it.
  97. Choose light tulle curtains so as not to obstruct daylight penetration.
  98. Refuse a lot of small decor items, leave only the most necessary ones.
  99. Favor light wood doors with frosted or clear glass inserts.
  100. Furniture on legs will create an impression of lightness and air, even in a small studio.

Creating the interior of a studio apartment is a fascinating creative endeavor where every detail matters. From the color palette to the arrangement of furniture, every decision affects the comfort and style of the dwelling. We hope that these 100 ideas will help you start this unique process and create an interior that reflects your taste and comfort.