A penthouse is an apartment that includes a considerable amount of floor space with lots of windows and daylight. It is usually located on the top floors of a house and has two floors, although there are also single level options. Historically these were technical rooms or living attics, but in 1920s America they became a symbol of status and wealth.

This is a special type of real estate that has its own uniqueness and appeal. It is important to note that penthouses sell out quickly as there is a limited number of them available. If you are looking for spacious accommodation in the city, a penthouse may be the perfect solution for you as you can safely remodel the place to your liking.

Penthouses in the classic sense

The classic penthouse is a luxury mansion on the roof. It differs from other apartments by having panoramic glazing on all four sides, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy the cityscape in front of you. These penthouses are equipped with a private elevator that goes directly to the living space. It occupies a whole floor and if desired can go to the roof, where there is a terrace for recreation or a private pool or winter garden. In short, a penthouse is really a separate luxury home, which is built on the roof of a building.

According to experts, the demand for penthouses in the world does not change even in times of crisis and always remains high. Due to their exclusivity, penthouses are bought up quite quickly. Often they are compared with loft apartments, in which predominantly the ceiling height is quite high, large rooms and options with a free layout, but often adhere to the style of industrial facilities. Lofts also belong to the category of elite housing. An analogy can be drawn with a townhouse, a large house, which is located within the city limits. However, townhouses are distinguished by an individual entrance, although they share a common wall with the neighboring house.

Important features of the layout

They are often located in the central districts of cities, where the view from the windows is certainly one of the main advantages. Compared to standard apartments, penthouses have excellent noise insulation and a high degree of privacy, which is achieved by the absence of neighbors. In addition, penthouses have a separate elevator, which provides convenience and privacy for the owners. Penthouses are more expensive than ordinary apartments due to their larger area and convenient location.

A penthouse is a spacious dwelling with up to five times the size of a regular apartment. Penthouse owners can modify everything there according to their needs and desires, including standard rooms like bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms, as well as unusual spaces like movie theaters, libraries, fitness rooms, saunas and swimming pools.

One of the benefits of living in a penthouse is the availability of working offices, allowing residents to work remotely and stay close to family and loved ones. You can also find open-air rooftop terraces that offer great views of the city. This allows you to enjoy your surroundings and spend time outdoors without leaving your home.

Pros and cons of a penthouse apartment

The penthouses offer privacy and silence due to the fact that there are no neighbors above and to the sides. Panoramic glazing provides plenty of natural light, creating a cozy environment. The possibility of access to the roof opens up possibilities for your imagination, you can make there a summer veranda in order to spend time with friends in the evenings or you can make a small garden for yourself, which will help you to clean the surrounding area and complement the coziness of the house.

The advantages of penthouses include their location in prestigious buildings in close proximity to transportation hubs, which saves time and increases mobility. Nevertheless, the cost of purchasing such housing can exceed the price of traditional apartments in a similar building, and even more so the cost of a large private house. Bright sunlight entering the premises can adversely affect the finish, and in the hot season there is a need to install blinds, as well as the use of modern ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Maintenance and operation add additional costs. Having a significant amount of space and installing additional interior features, including a swimming pool or sauna, increases maintenance costs. Renovations must be carried out to an appropriate level to maintain the prestige of a luxury property.

Despite certain inconveniences, they allow for privacy, convenience, spaciousness and an abundance of natural light. And the location and features, particularly roof access, allow them to be sought after by buyers who prefer status, convenience and uncluttered room design. At the same time, when choosing such a home for yourself, it is worth remembering its high cost and the need for additional spending on maintenance and repairs.

Main differences between a penthouse and a townhouse

Penthouse and townhouse are different types of dwellings and there is often confusion between them. A townhouse is a building made of many sections and consists of several individual apartments. All apartments are united by a single roof and are connected by common walls. Each apartment has an individual entrance and sometimes its own adjoining plot. Compared to a penthouse, a townhouse is not a piece object, and therefore, and being located in prestigious neighborhoods, it is likely to be cheaper.

Another characteristic feature of townhouses is the layout typical of all included apartments. For example, the 1st floor mainly houses the living room, dining room and kitchen, while the above floors have bedrooms and another bathroom. The penthouse plan is significantly different from the rest of the living spaces in the same building. Moreover, the total floor area of the townhouse is significantly smaller.


Those who appreciate freedom and sunny warmth, dream of space and a breath of fresh air, but are not going to leave the city yet, may consider buying a penthouse. The flexibility of the layout will open up a variety of interior options, and in combination with the complete absence of tenants nearby will give peace and tranquility in the city noise and bustle!