Buy studio apartment in Tashkent

A studio is an apartment in which all rooms, except for the bathroom, are a single space.

There is no partition between the kitchen and the living area, and initially there are only 3 doors: entrance, bathroom and balcony. If the construction of the house does not provide a balcony, there will be only two doors. This is the main advantage of studios, and their main disadvantage:

  • Lots of free space and light;
  • The bedroom, kitchen and living room are planned without partitions.

More often in the format of studios offer one-room. There are options and with several living spaces, in which the kitchen is combined with one of the rooms – they are also called studios. Meet such options are rare, so in this article in the center of attention – it is a one-room studio.

The type of housing under discussion appeared in America around the turn of the twentieth century and became popular among young people, students and young couples. It is considered modern, comfortable and, most importantly, inexpensive. The area of studios is small, and when planning the interior, the zones are distinguished by the color of the finish, the type of floor or light partitions.

Advantages of a studio apartment in Tashkent

The accommodation is not large and is intended for a single occupant or a couple. At most – with a small child. This is its main advantage:

  • One space – one style. The layout allows you to design a room in a certain entourage, where every detail looks organic. The concept is quite simple to draw up, and the whole repair is inexpensive.
  • Compactness is the key to rationality. Due to the limited space, every square meter is used as efficiently as possible. Empty spaces that can spoil the interior, there simply will not be, and in terms of functionality, the design often resembles smart apartments.
  • In plain sight. Thanks to the absence of any partitions, cleaning is carried out virtually instantly, you cannot lose anything, and if there is a child in the family, he is under control at any point.
  • A place for creativity. Note that studios are bought by artists and musicians. The fact is that the acoustics and lighting are amazing and suitable for creativity. Of course, with appropriate renovation and design.

There is also a financial aspect. The price of a studio is lower than the cost of separate rooms. So are the utility bills. Due to the small square footage, heating, lighting and maintenance costs will not be tangible. Repair at such a meter turns out to be inexpensive.

Major disadvantages

The disadvantage is the lack of personal space. This can be a problem even for two tenants, for example, if they have different daily routines or work schedules. And couples with children frankly lack “their” places. In addition, we note that:

  • Smells from the studio kitchen spread throughout the apartment, so a powerful extractor hood will be a must;
  • Not all furniture is suitable for the interior. Say, oversized and heavy tables, armchairs, sofas in the classical style take up too much space;
  • Small area can be a problem in the distribution of storage space, because large closets (especially several) simply nowhere to put it.

Problems with furniture, by the way, also apply to beds. To save space and increase its functionality, it is better to choose a sofa that can be unfolded for sleeping and assembled in the morning.

The interior is most often created from built-in furniture. Or multifunctional. Cabinets in niches, folding beds, armchairs-transformers, collapsible tables – such options are used most often due to the ability to save space. In addition, modern folding furniture is made in a suitable style for studios and well complements the overall design, such as futurism, fusion, loft, hi-tech, minimalism and the like.

Design of one-room studio apartment

When decorating a room, it is important to consider two nuances:

  • Single style. The interior should have the same theme in all areas. Otherwise, the apartment will look like a cluttered room.
  • Zoning. It is used to divide the area of the apartment into working and living areas, at least visually.

In terms of design for studios, one of the modern styles is more often chosen. The trends of functional furniture, space-saving and the use of specialized gadgets are perfectly embodied in small apartments.

With the division into zones is somewhat more complicated. It is in their proper distribution, allocation and separation from each other is the main task of the designer. But here is also the maximum optionality. You can think of many different ways to separate the kitchen from the bedroom, and the workplace from the guest area.

Options for zoning a studio apartment

Partitions are one of the popular ways to divide a space depending on its purpose. Most rooms require only two zones: living and kitchen. There is not enough space for more.

Partitions for this purpose are used differently – from a bar counter to walls made of drywall. The only problem is that such walls take up space. And if the bar counter also performs the function of a table, the walls and screens simply absorb space. Therefore, designers resort to alternatives:

  • Colors. The areas are just visually different in paint coloring.
  • Floors. Both the material itself and the floor level can be different.
  • Furniture. Like the same barstools, sofas, floor shelves.

By the way, one of the options is vertical zoning. In this case, transparent screens made of plastic are installed on the ceiling and completely separate a part of the room.

Studio: what to consider when choosing

When choosing what is better, a studio apartment or a studio, you need to decide on your budget. The price of real estate depends on the size of the apartment, the prestige of the new building and the development of infrastructure in the area (availability of schools, kindergartens, variety of stores, proximity of public transport stops).

Then you can move on to the study of new buildings in the desired area. Make sure that you are satisfied with the existing stores, places for recreation. It is also important to check how easy it is to get from home to work. Familiarize yourself with the reviews of the new building and the project proposed by the seller. In houses under construction apartments are sold 15% cheaper than studios in commissioned houses. The opportunity to save on the price, positively influences the decision to buy.

But you will have to be careful when comparing the size of the studio and furniture, as mistakes will lead to additional costs for furniture or appliances. Deciding where to live is a choice that affects your lifestyle. Take the time to not just compare the advantages and disadvantages of the premises, but to “try on” the situation for yourself. Then you will be happy with your purchase for years to come.

Where to buy a studio apartment in Tashkent?

Apartments in a sixteen-story premium class building in the center of Tashkent from LCD NUR

Studios in a sixteen-storey premium class building in the center of Tashkent from LCD NUR offer layouts:

— Ceiling heights: 3 метра

— Hallway: 7,18 кв. м.;

— Bedroom: 19,6 кв. м.;

— Studio: 23,5 кв. м.;

— Bathroom: 5,2 кв. м.;

— Laundry: 5,0 кв.м.;

— Glazed balcony.

Windows: five-chamber panoramic. Interior finishing: at the choice of the future owner rough or turnkey. Facade and walls: autoclaved aerated concrete. Other equipment: own two-circuit gas boiler.

LCD NUR provides apartments in two variations:

Interior finishing in the apartments of NUR Residential Complex:

The buyer receives an apartment with rough finishing:

  • All types of communications are carried out;
  • Interior partitions are assembled;
  • Pipes are laid on points without installation of heating devices;
  • Concrete screed on the floor is poured;
  • The buyer gets already glazed balcony;
  • Installed front metal door, five-chamber panoramic windows, two-circuit gas boiler.

With the choice of “turnkey” future buyer gets a ready-made studio apartment from LCD NUR:

  • With sockets and switches, radiators installed;
  • Plasterboard ceiling cladding;
  • The owner receives ready suspended ceilings with lighting;
  • Panoramic five-chamber windows, entrance and interior metal doors are installed;
  • The walls are qualitatively covered with white emulsion;
  • Bathrooms are fully equipped with the necessary sanitary ware from the company KALE, covered with tiles from floor to ceiling (made in Turkey).
  • Finishing of the staircase landing from the manufacturer OTOCHENTO
  • Floors on the balconies are covered with porcelain stoneware tile production ANGREN

When contacting the official contact center, the final cost of an apartment in the center of Tashkent is calculated taking into account individual discounts.