«Residential complex NUR» is a project from the company «Namuna Development». The residential area embodies the concept of a “city within a city”, where residents can find everything they need for a fulfilling lifestyle.

3-room studio apartment сharacteristics:

  • Class: Business class
  • Type: 3-room studio apartment
  • Entrance hall: 7,8 sq. m;
  • 1 bedroom: 15,7 sq. m;
  • 1 bathroom: 5,0 sq. m;
  • 2 bedrooms: 14,3 sq. m;
  • 3 bedrooms: 9,2 sq. m.
  • Kitchen: 10,7 m2
  • Studio: 17,0 m2;
  • Wide corridor: 10,5 m2;
  • 2 separate bathroom: 5,3 m2
  • Laundry room: 6,1 m2
  • Large balcony
  • Windows: five-chamber panoramic.
  • Interior finishing: rough or “turnkey”.
  • Facades and walls: autoclaved aerated concrete.
  • Other equipment: 2 gas boilers.

LCD NUR offers two different types of apartments:

Interior finish:

  1. The buyer acquires an apartment with rough finishing:
  • All communications are realized;
  • Internal partitions are installed;
  • All pipes are installed without heating system;
  • Ready concrete screed;
  • The buyer gets an already glazed balcony;
  • 1st entrance metal door;
  • 5 room panoramic window;
  • Installed 2-circuit gas boiler.
  1. With the option of “turnkey” the future buyer receives a ready-made studio apartment from the LCD NUR:
  • Sockets and switches brand «LEGRAND»;
  • Installed radiators from the domestic manufacturer «AKFA Classic»;
  • Ceiling covered with plasterboard produced by «KNAUF»;
  • Future owners of the apartment receive a suspended ceiling with lighting;
  • Panoramic 5-chamber windows made by «ECOPEN»;
  • Metal entrance and interior doors made by «BELARUS»;
  • The walls are covered with white emulsion of good quality;
  • Floors in the rooms are covered with laminate (made in Russia, brand «KRONOPOL»);
  • Bathrooms are faced with tiles from floor to ceiling with the use of sanitary ware «KALE (production of Turkey).
  • Staircases are made by «OTOCHENTO».
  • The floor of the balcony is faced with «ANGREN» porcelain stoneware.

Final prices for apartments in the of Tashkent can be calculated taking into account individual discounts by contacting the official contact center.