Buying a one-room apartment is a profitable investment, your own home, increase in material assets and the possibility of renting. It also has high liquidity and comfort, especially in new buildings. And with proper zoning comfort in it can be as in a two-room apartment.

Zoning is a design technique that allows you to divide the space into several parts. In small rooms it helps with space optimization, and in spacious rooms it helps to stylistically transform it. It is done with the help of color, light, texture and furniture.

A studio apartment can be divided into two areas – a living room and a bedroom. The advantages of this option include saving time and money on repairs and cleaning, as well as ease of control and security, especially for families with children. The main disadvantage is limited space.

When placing a bedroom-living room it is worth taking into account several factors: the number of residents, preferences, the chosen style and color palette of the whole apartment. Light and minimalist style can create visual space, and the number of decor elements should be minimized. The use of light shades will help brighten the room, as well as additional lighting sources will make it more comfortable.

Rules when arranging the interior of the bedroom-living room

  • Light, minimalist styles will get rid of the room from heaviness and create visual space.
  • Do not overdo it with decorative elements. A win-win option is to choose a functional piece of furniture or potted plants.
  • Light palette “will help” low and narrow room, and where the size of 18-20 square meters. m. you can already add saturation. If preference is given to blue, black, purple, graphite gray palette, pay attention to the location of windows – the “northern” room can become too gloomy.
  • Auxiliary light sources should be increased if there is not enough natural light: in the sleeping area, for pleasant reading in the evenings before going to bed, and in the living room/workroom for a more comfortable atmosphere.

In the case of combining the sleeping area with the living room, curtains can be used to separate them. Light translucent curtains or dense curtains that do not let in light can create a spectacular border between the areas. Curtains, selected in the color of the walls, will help it not stand out in the overall composition. Curtains do not have to be used every day; they can be closed only when guests arrive.

Another type of separation is Japanese curtains or blinds. They allow you to adjust the light transmission and create interesting design solutions. You can also apply decorative partitions made of different materials, from glass to wood and metal. Sliding doors are also a radical way, allowing you to open and close the sleeping area at will.

False walls can be used to aesthetically separate the sleeping area from the living room and can have useful niches for storing small items. Furniture can also play a role in all of this, such as installing shelves and dressers instead of large closets. Styling shelving units in different materials will add interest and uniqueness to the living room design.

If storage space is limited, you can use a bed podium to store linens and seasonal clothing-shoes. Modern designs are not without shelving units, which can be of different heights and styles. It is important to remember that children can accidentally hit the glass partitions, so in such cases it is better to choose other materials.

It is important to take into account that zoning a room is not only a functional solution, but also a style component of the interior. It is important to choose materials and details that will harmonize with the overall design and create comfort in every corner.

When it comes to organizing the interior of a small area, it is often recommended to use furniture that can transform. However, for a living room-bedroom, this variation can be controversial. If you plan to fold and unfold it every day, it may not be very convenient. But if you live alone and rarely receive guests, the idea of transformer models can be rationalized.

A more interesting option in a small area can be a vertical arrangement, when the sleeping space is located under the ceiling. The bed on the mezzanine allows you to create a secluded space, while the recreation corner remains tidy and ready to receive guests. However, high ceilings are required to realize such a solution.

There are also more ambitious projects, such as beds with elevator mechanisms, which allow you to hide your bed under the ceiling during the day and lower it in the evening. Although such solutions are not very common in Russia yet, they are already in demand in China and the USA. This is an opportunity to save time in the morning, you don’t have to put it down.

If the living room has a loggia, it can become an extension of the room. A flowerbed of 4-5 pots or a desk are possible uses for the loggia. It is important to pay attention to the matching style of the room and balcony, using the texture or pattern of the flooring or decor. If the loggia accommodates a child’s bedroom, it is necessary to provide sufficient insulation.

In general, several factors need to be taken into account. The installation of partitions along the long wall can greatly narrow the space, and the dividing line along the window can create the impression of a smaller room. At the same time, on a small area of the apartment should refrain from overabundance of small elements of decor. It is preferable to refrain from bright and shouting colors, it can be a reason for irritation.

There are hundreds of designs available that help in creating comfort zones in small square meters of housing. Make or find a good design to start with. However, the impossibility of radically dividing the space into enclosed zones is both a plus and a minus. For those who prefer a free layout, zoning will help create comfort. But for those who are used to a more traditional layout and want separate rooms, zoning will not be able to fully compensate for this limitation.

In the end I would like to say that no matter which method you choose, with any option you can achieve originality and non-standard interior. Especially in the present time you can find an abundance of ready-made ideas and ideas, the main thing to choose which will come to your liking. And which of them to realize – it’s all up to you to!