Three-room flats

Three-room flats are ideal for large families where everyone will have their own private space. According to the standards, each member of a family of three or more people is entitled to 18 square metres of living space. From the list of considered premises, you can immediately deduct small square metres.

One-room flats and studios are designed for one person. Two-room apartments are perfect for two people, although even sometimes it seems that it is cramped. But three-room flats are designed for comfortable living for families of 4-5 people.

The main reasons to buy a three-room flat

An important advantage of buying a three-room flat is the price. It is cost-effective to buy a dwelling because there is a significant difference in the cost per square metre of two-room and three-room flats.

The next advantage is considered to be the personal space of each member of the family. In the case when financial possibilities allow, the choice in favour of such a dwelling in an apartment building is clear. The majority of consumers look for large living spaces, life in which is comfortable for all household members. Separate rooms – an opportunity to zone the space into a private and living area. It is important for any member of the family to feel cosy and comfortable. The territory of these flats allows to divide the kitchen, bedroom and children’s room.

A significant advantage of buying a flat with several bedrooms is the chance to implement creative design solutions. The presence of several rooms allows you to design the flat in several styles. In this case, the owners have more opportunities to create a comfortable space for the whole family.

Optimal choice

With the current prices in the property market, only a small percentage of people are able to adequately address their housing needs, with the rest making decisions based on what they can afford rather than their needs. This is why more affordable one- or two-bedroom apartments are becoming increasingly popular. The high liquidity of these properties also means that the lower the price, the wider the pool of potential buyers. In other words, higher prices for two-bedroom apartments mean that fewer people can afford to buy them, no matter how much they want to.

What is interesting here is that three-bedroom homes are becoming increasingly popular, rather than the more convenient and comfortable four-bedroom (and above) homes. The reason for this is clear from the statistics. Today, the average young family living in a big city consists of three people – parents and children. Therefore, they need at least three rooms: living room, bedroom and children’s room. This means that a three-room apartment is the minimum size needed for an average family to live comfortably. On the other hand, flats with more rooms (e.g. four bedrooms) have higher purchase and maintenance costs, which not every family can afford. Therefore, the preference for three-bedroom flats is understandable and makes sense. However, not all families can afford a larger living space, and some try to solve this problem by renovating to get two of the three rooms. However, such “three-bedroom” apartments are often quite cramped, and buying a more spacious dwelling in the future remains one of the main goals

Demand for three bedroom flats

According to experts, developers are still reacting poorly to the growing demand for three-room economy class flats. The number of these flats in low-cost projects never exceeds a quarter of the total number and are often sold out before at least half of the houses under construction are sold. At the same time, the number of three-room apartments sold on the primary market has not increased yet, although developers themselves consider it more favourable from the economic point of view.

However, in the segment of business class and elite flats, where three-room flats are the norm, the situation is quite different. Such flats make up about 40-50% of expensive new buildings, but their prices are sometimes exorbitantly high. However, the leadership of these flats in the expensive segment of the market is also confirmed by the fact that many buyers consider “three-bedroom” to be the best option. Moreover, the demand for these business class flats has caused their prices to rise by about 7% compared to the average price level.

As for the primary market, it is fair to say that the total area of housing expected to be built over the last decade tends to decrease. This is especially true for three-room flats, the average area of which is about 10 square metres in the economy class and even more in the business class. According to experts, the reason for this is the demand for compact flats due to the high price per square metre, which means that even a 10 square metre reduction in the total area can significantly reduce the cost of housing. Property developers also benefit from this trend and can include more flats in their projects.

Which flat to choose: a two- or three-room flat?

First of all, you need to start with the funds that you are inclined to spend on buying a house. In addition, you need to look at the value in property transactions. It is often the case that the current demand and the impact of the prescribed price for a two-bedroom unit are very similar. In this case, it is wise to purchase a home with a huge amount of space, as it is absolutely likely that your family will expand at some point.

The key factor in this case is the size of the dwelling. Living in a spacious three-room flat will be more comfortable than cramped into a small two-room flat. The number of people who will live in the flat is also very important in this case.

Whether it is worth overpaying for extra square metres?

Firstly, you need to calculate the finances you are willing to spend on the purchase. If you have enough of your own money to buy a two-bedroom flat, think about the future prospect of more people living in the flat.

Secondly, about the prices on the property market. Depending on current supply and demand, the price of a “three-bedroom” is often close to the price of a “two-bedroom”, in which case it may make sense to buy a larger house. This is due to the fact that it is quite possible that in the future you will grow a family or, you may want to use the extra room as an office.

The third is the size of the dwelling: a spacious flat is more comfortable to live in than a one-bedroom flat.

Fourthly, it is important to consider the number of people living in the house. If you have children or plan to have children in the future, more bedrooms are more convenient and beneficial – each family member will be able to have their own room. If you live alone or with a family without children, you may also want to choose a smaller home. The small size of your new flat will provide you with a convenient and comfortable layout, with plenty of room for everyone.

Fifthly, plan for extra space that can be used for a nursery, study or guest room.

Where to buy a three-room flat in the centre of Tashkent?

Studio flats in nine- and sixteen-storey buildings of the NUR residential neighbourhood

The layout of the three-room flat with an area of 109.4 sq.m. includes:

  • Entrance hall 7.8 sq.m;
  • 1 bedroom 15,7 sq.m.;
  • 1 bathroom 5,0 sq.m.; 
  • 2 bedrooms 14,3 sq.m.; 
  • 3 bedroom 9,2 sq.m.; 
  • Kitchen 10,7 sq.m; 
  • Living room 17,0 sq.m.;
  • Corridor 10,5 sq.m.;
  • Laundry room 6,1 sq.m;
  • 2 bathroom 5,3 sq.m.;
  • Glazed balcony.
  • Ceiling height: 3 metres.
  • Windows: five-chamber panoramic.
  • Interior finishing: at the choice of the future owner (rough or turnkey).
  • Facade and walls: autoclaved aerated concrete.
  • Other equipment: own two-circuit gas boiler. 

The layout of the two-bedroom flat with an area of 106.1 sq.m. includes:

  • Entrance hall 4.8 sq.m;
  • 1 bedroom 17,5 sq.m.; 
  • 1 bathroom 4,5 sq.m.; 
  • 2 bedrooms 14,4 sq.m.;
  • 3 bedroom 8,6 sq.m.;
  • Kitchen 10,3 sq.m;
  • Living room 16,4 sq.m.;
  • Corridor 11,9 sq.m.;
  • Laundry room 5,45 sq.m.;
  • 2 bathrooms with WC 4,8 sq.m.;
  • Glazed balcony.
  • Ceiling height: 3 metres.
  • Windows: five-chamber panoramic.
  • Interior finishing: at the choice of the future owner (rough or turnkey).
  • Facade and walls: autoclaved aerated concrete.
  • Other equipment: own two-circuit gas boiler.

NUR Residential Complex offers flats with two types of interior finishing to choose from:

  1. The buyer receives a flat with rough finishing:
  • All types of communications are carried out;
  • Interior partitions are assembled;
  • Pipes are laid on points without installing heating devices;
  • Concrete screed on the floor;
  • The buyer receives already glazed balcony;
  • Installed front metal door, five-chamber panoramic windows, two-circuit gas boiler.
  1. With the choice of “turnkey” the future buyer gets a ready-made studio flat with repair from the builder Namuna Development:
  • With installed sockets and switches from LEGRAND;
  • With radiators from the domestic company AKFA Classic installed;
  • Ceiling cladding made of plasterboard by KNAUF;
  • The owner of the future flat receives ready suspended ceilings with lighting;
  • Installed panoramic five-chamber windows from the company ECOPEN;
  • Installed: entrance and interior metal doors BELARUS;
  • The walls are qualitatively covered with white emulsion;
  • Floors in the rooms are covered with laminate flooring made in Russia, brand KRONOPOL;
  • Bathrooms are fully equipped with the necessary sanitary ware from the company KALE, covered with tiles from floor to ceiling (made in Turkey);
  • Finishing of the staircase landing from the manufacturer OTOCHENTO;
  • Floors on the balconies are covered with porcelain stoneware tiles by ANGREN production.

For more information, please call +998 78 777 0077 or visit the sales office at 1 Lashkarbegi Street, M-Ulugbek district.